LIVES INTERRUPTED: The Takuma Ito & Go Matsuura Story

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Bruce Schwartz's poignant documentary examines the life and death of two film students

from Japan who were attending Marymount College back in 1994 and lost their lives in a car

jacking in San Pedro, CA. The shooter, Raymond Butler, was caught, tried and has been

on Death Row in San Quentin Prison since 1995. Schwartz, who chairs an annual film series

which honors the two boys, traveled to Japan in 2012 to interview the families of

the boys to set their shortened lives into perspective. Also featured are interviews with the

president of the College at the time, friends, and colleagues. The surge of violence in America

is explored and compared to the absence of violence in Japanese society. This film was honored

by the United States Congress with a certificate of commendation.